Monday, April 30, 2007

The Joke is, "The Baby needs...."

Robbie and I made the pilgrimage to Babies-R-Us in Memphis. Nothing but a big store full of every baby toy/tool/trinket ever invented. It was overwhelming, fun, and budget busting all at once! We also went to the Carter's Outlet in Tunica. Well, yes, you can't go to Tunica without dropping at least 2 quarters into the slot machine...did we win, well NO! But baby needs a new.....!

We came up with this running joke to find ways to buy stuff for us...we would say, "The baby needs...(fill in the blank). The baby needs a new car...get my meaning? LOL I guess you had to be there.

Take a look at what we picked up:

Travel System

Playard (pack N play)

Painted Nursery/Phone call with birth mom

Today was a fun day! We got 3/4 of the nursery painted! The colors look fabulous! We also had the opportunity to participate in a conference call with the adoption agency and the birth mom. It was a short conversation, but mainly it was done to decide where we will meet for lunch this coming Wednesday. We will drive to Ft. Smith, have lunch with the birth mom and go with her to her doctor's appt.

Robbie and I are very excited about meeting her!


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Specifics of Adoption Match

Here is more information concerning the birth mom we have matched with.

She is 22. Her family is very supportive of her decision!

She was shown several scrapbook portfolios and after looking through ours, she clutched it to her chest and said, "This is MY family!" We took this as a confirmation from God that she is the mom we have been praying for.

The doctors claim we are having a boy, based on an ultra-sound....but we will be prepared if a girl arrives.

We will be meeting with her a week from today (next Wednesday) as we go with her to her next doctor's appointment. Pray that our meeting will go well!


Baby Room Construction Has Begun!!

Robbie and I went on a hunt this afternoon to find fabric for curtains and bedding. We started at a local store and went through the whole store collecting samples. I found some things that I liked, but nothing that just WOW'd me...nothing that popped when you looked at it. If you know me, you know that I don't think long about something. If I like it, it is grab it and go. It I don't, dump it and go. The key word here is GO! LOL

Anyway I turned around and saw this bolt of fabric leaning against the wall near the front door. We had walked right past it. I gasped and said, there it is! Robbie came over to where I was standing and fully agreed with was it...we had found exactly what we were looking for and at the first stop. See the pics below. It is awesome! This fabric will be the curtains, bed bumper and a blanket. See pic below!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Adoption News!


We are having a baby!!! We believe we are having a boy and he is due on June 3! That gives us only 6 weeks to get ready. We are so excited, yet very overwhelmed (in a good way), nervous, and wondering if we really can be parents? We called our families and friends and they all were so excited and supportive. We are so blessed to have such great family and friends. This child will have such a great support base! Thank you God for your perfect timing and for all that you do for us; we are so undeserving of Your love and grace.

We will keep you posted! I promise to do a much better job on this blog stuff! :)


Surgeries Done!

Both hands have been operated on for carpal tunnel syndrome! The right hand was done 6 weeks ago and my left almost 2 weeks ago. Now it is on for physical therapy! I am glad they are done! Thank you so much for your prayers. I love all of you!!