Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Do You Treasure?

We spend the best part of our time, money and energy on the things we treasure the most. Everyone complains there is not enough time in the day or that we are tired all the time! Take a good look at your schedule, calendar, reciepts and checkbook where or what is your treasure? "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also", Matt 6:21

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wye Mountain Daffodils 2010

We took Collier up to Wye Mountain to see the daffodils. Check out the photos:

First Dentist Visit

Collier had his first dentist appointment yesterday. He did pretty well. He got a little nervous when he walked into the large room with all of the dental chairs, with masked dental assistants and kids getting their teeth worked on. After a few minutes of getting friendly with the staff and Dr. Marks, he chilled and let everyone count and look at his teeth. He even let them brush his teeth. All looked good. No cavities and no problems at this time!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Collier continues to grow and learn

The boy is eating us out of house and home! I think he is about to hit another growth spurt...hungry all the time! LOL

His 3 year birthday is coming up in May. I can't his 3rd birthday is practically here. Amazing!

His language skills have recently increased. He is making longer sentences and saying things we have never heard him say before. He will see things and say, "I hear a bird, Daddy!" He says stuff like this all the time! It is so cool to hear his voice.

Last night we were at Robbie's parent's house having dinner. He was in the living room playing with his train set. He came into the dinning room, grabbed my hand and ask me to please "sit-come" and play train. "Sit-Come" is his phrase for come and sit with me. Collier doesn't just sit and watch his train go around the track, he lies on his stomach so that he is at eye-level with his train. So I too had to be on my stomach, eye-level. As he was telling me all that the train was doing, I tear'd up, praising God that my son wants me down on my stomach to share this moment with him. I also thought how cool it must be to God when we "sit-come" with Him. There are so many similarities between my relationship between God and I and my relationship to my son.

Thank you God for reminding me to give you praise for the moments I get to share with my son. One day, God willing, he will be on the floor with his son or daughter, sit-coming with them and sharing moments like he and I did! I love being a Daddy!