Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My New Business is Growing!

I got up this morning, ready to jump in the shower and guess what.....NO HOT WATER! The pilot light blew out on the hot water while the water is getting hot, I am adding this post!

I have been very hesitant to put anything in out blog about my new business as I do not want it to interfere with my current job. But, I am so excited about it that I must share. I have started my own personal chef business and I got my 4th client last night! Yee Haa! Without going into a long discourse of what a personal chef is, go to and you will get a better idea! I have 2 more interviews this week with potential clients. It is very exciting!

Adoption Update:

Our scrapbook is finished and the final product is amazing. We love it and are thankful again to Brooke at Scrapbook Heaven for all her hard work. She is fabulous! Now we must turn it over to the agency to begin the process of matching us to a birthmom. It won't be long now!
Here are a few pics!


Robbie and I will be crusing the Caribbean with her parents next week! We are ready for the break. We are leaving out of blow away Ernesto!

Take care!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Where do I put all of these blessings?

Have you ever in your life experience a time when you had so many blessings coming your way that you had no way of containing them? It is like filling a cup with water and letting it run over the edges. The water (blessing in this case) just run over the cup and spill everywhere. This is the only way to describe what is going on in our lives right now. God is giving and giving and we are running over! It is simply amazing, exciting and just plain fun! What do you do during this time? All I can tell you is to PRAISE HIS NAME! Thank Him in the morning; thank Him at noon; and thank Him at all means, spend the whole day saying "thanks"! God is so amazing and we are so undeserving of His blessings!

Adoption update:

We had our final in-home interviews this weekend. All is going well. We have some remaining paperwork to finish. Our portfolio ("This Is Your Life" scrapbook) should be done today. This is the book that the birthmom will review to determine who she wishes to adopt her baby. Since Robbie and I are not scapbooking kind of people, we hired this duty out. It has been fun going through all our pictures and writing little quirps. We got to see all of our pages laid out this weekend. I must say, it looks awesome. Thanks to Brooke at Scrapbook Heaven in Bryant, AR, we will have the coolest portfolio book ever!

Vacation; Here we come!

Robbie and I will be crusing on Royal Caribbean very soon. We are looking forward to the break...right before baby Rhodes arrives on the scene.

Well, back to work. We will chat again soon!

Russ & Robbie

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Adoption Progressing

As many of you know, Robbie and I are working on adopting an infant. We are working through a local adoption agency ( We have completed our application and paid the fees. This past Saturday, we completed our first in-home interview. We are currently working on a portfolio (scrapbook) of our life for the birth-moms to look at, to get a look into our life. So far, this portfolio has been the most difficult part...neither Robbie or I are scrapbooking kind of we are paying someone to do it! LOL

Check back here often to get the latest details!

Russ & Robbie

The Start of Our First Blog

Robbie and I have known about blogs for a while now, but were never moved to start one, let alone post our life events out here on the Internet. Yet, after talking to family and friends, here we are!

So here we are, sharing with you the events of our life in the hopes that we can keep some connections with the people we love!

Russ & Robbie