Saturday, December 01, 2007

Misc Pictures

Ok, I hope you have gotten your fill of pictures. This is the last round for this week! Enjoy!

Eating and Playing in a Box

Here are some fun shots of Collier's introduction to solid foods....messy, yet fun! And then we dumped his toy box out one night to play and decided to put him in it. He has fun for a few minutes and then got aggravated and was ready to get out!

Rickett Family Weiner Roast

Every year, in the late Fall when it is cool enough to hover around a fire, the Rickett family has their annual weiner roast. We go to Poppy's and Gram's house, build a big bonfire and roast hotdogs and make s'mores. Then we just sit around the fire and chat. It was a perfectly cool and clear night for it. While there, we found some photo opportunities for Collier!

5 Months!

November came and so did Collier's 5-month birthday. He is putting everything in his mouth, sitting up very well and is eating lots of carrots, sweet potatoes and squash. He does not like green beans or green peas. He refuses to eat them! He also rolls over onto his tummy and then back over to his back. He is growing big time!

In the pictures below, Collier is in an outfit his Mimi purchased for him!


Robbie's Mom and Sister made Collier's lion costume for Halloween this year. He was the cutest lion ever! Of course we had to go see Aunt Kristen who just happened to be dressed in her costume for work that day!


I know! I know! What is the purpose of having a blog if you never update it? WHERE ARE NEW PICTURES OF COLLIER? I hear you loud and clear! Please forgive me for the delay!

OK...strap yourself in because here comes a barrage of pictures that cover the time period from our last posting to the present!

Here are Collier's 4-month pictures from October.