Sunday, January 21, 2007

Surgery To Make The Pain Go Away!

Since leaving my IT job and taking on my new career as a personal chef, my hands have turned against me. I have very bad carpal tunnel in both hands. I went to my doctor; he sent me to physical therapy. After 2 weeks of PT, my hands got a little better, but not enough to get rid of the 24/7 numbness. Then I was sent off for nerve testing. Ok, if you have never had a nerve test conducted, you have missed out! It was like the neurologist was taking a live electrical cord and sticking it to my arm. I was lying on the table wondering how in the world they could learn anything from electrocuting my arms! It was very painful, yet very enlightening. The tests proved that I have carpal tunnel of a 70 year old farmer. I was like, "WHAT?" But I am a 39 year old can it be that bad. The Doctor said she had not seen it this bad in years. I asked for a prize...I mean, I should get something for this!

In short, I have surgery in a week on my right hand and then 2 weeks later on the left. I will be unable to use each hand for 3 weeks. Yes, a chef with no hands....should be very interesting!


Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Tribute To Hazel Anderson (Nunny as we called her)

Robbie's Grandmother (Nunny) died this past Friday (Dec 29, 2006). She was 97, but most importantly, she was a believer in Christ. She died in her sleep.

On Thursday, the day before her death, I had the privilege of spending the day with her in her hospital room. It was just the two of us most of the day. We prayed, sang, held hands and we even watched some Star Trek DVDs together. Around 3pm that last day, she began to groan in pain. I began talking and praying with her. She opened her eyes and looked straight at me for more than 20 minutes. I have no idea if she knew who I was. I was trying to comfort her and also talk with her one more time. I had her drinking water from a spoon, trying to moisten her very dry mouth. She continued to moan and I knew she needed something to take away the pain, but I also knew the meds would put her to sleep. I asked nurse Linda to give her a dose of morphine. Within 30 minutes, she was back to sleep. It was the last time I got to see her eyes; to talk one on one with her. I thank God for that precious 20 minutes. You see, I may not have been her grandson by blood, but to me, she was just as much my Grandmother as anyone elses.

She spent many holidays with me, even spending the night at my house last Christmas. I got to hear many of her recertations (stories) and most of all, I got to see her love for Christ!

Nunny, thank you for allowing me the privilege of knowing you for 13 years. I will miss your humor, your recertations, your political prowess and your faithful to our God. You were a blessing to me and my family and I praise God that I will get to see you again! I love you!