Saturday, October 28, 2006

And the purchase of baby stuff begins....

Today, Robbie and I purchased baby furniture. This is our first purchase for our new baby. We bought a crib and dresser. Despite the fact that we shelled out some dough, it really has not sunk in that we will be parents very soon. This is all so crazy. We are going to be parents!!! Are we ready? Are we really doing this? What in the world were we thinking?

Ok, it's all good! LOL


Friday, October 27, 2006

Here goes the awesome leap of faith!

Today is my last official day at my Information Technology job. As you know I am leaving my job to pursue my new Personal Chef business.

Anytime you pursue God and His will for your life, there is always a crisis of belief; a leap of faith. I knew when I set out on this journey of becoming a personal chef and a father that there would be a leap of faith; a point when I would have to jump, not knowing where I would land and completely depending on God to take care of me as I fly off the cliff.

Well that day has come. I do not have enough clients to fill the financial void of quitting my job, yet, I have too many clients to keep a full time job. Therefore, I have come to my crisis of belief; will I trust God and jump, or will I trust in my own abilities and work this out myself...staying on what seems the safe path.

Well, I am ready to jump and blow through this crisis of belief! In about 15 minutes, I will be jumping off the cliff and trusting God completely as I fly over the edge!

Thank you God for this opportunity; for the privilege of serving you and being loved by you! You are more amazing that my little brain can comprehend. May my life glorify you and you only! Thank you for this cliff and for the honor of jumping! I love you sooooo much!